R.T.M.E. 鈭箸撣怨蝞∠璈 (撣怨鈭箸瘚蝔蝟餌絞) 撱敺萄撣
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South Africa

I am currently teaching at the elementary school level and believe that being a teacher is not only about providing education for learners. I believe teachers have the responsibility to help learners develop optimally, maximize their individual performance and instil in them a sense of self-worth. I am a diligent worker, quick to acquire new skills and eager to learn from others. I am a positive, enthusiastic and passionate teacher. I have been teaching for four years. I have a few friends teaching in Taiwan and they love it. I would love to come to Taiwan to teach public school. I know that teaching in another country will be a challenge for me, but will also help me grow as a person.





After finishing a full year of student teaching in the United States, I headed abroad with a goal of taking two or more teaching positions in different cultural settings to further expand my experiences and skills. Today, nearly five years have passed and I have spent at least year in South Korea, Costa Rica and Taiwan.

During this time period I worked at an international school, a government sponsored public elementary school, and helped build a new private language school. I taught a wide range of subjects, familiar ones (PE) to not-so-familiar ones (research), and held leadership positions at each school- Athletic Director, Head Teacher, and Manager. Most importantly, what I learned is that despite our differences we are all essentially the same. No matter the situation, children have open minds and are ready to learn. I feel honored to have been able to work with so many different students and dedicated educators from around the globe.




South Africa

I am a qualified and experienced English, Afrikaans and Life Orientation Teacher. I have over 3 years of experience in both South Africa and South Korea. I have spent a year teaching ESL in South Korea. My current position is at a Primary School in South Africa as a Primary Teacher.

I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Health Sciences and Social Services. I am a dedicated and hard-working teacher who loves to empower my students. I use my international travels and extensive knowledge of different cultures to motivate and enhance the student's outlook on life.





I am a qualified primary school teacher in the UK and have been for 7 years. I have 140 hour TEFL course and am looking forward to putting my TEFL skills in to practice. I have achieved Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). I have an extensive range of experience with all year groups in the primary age range (4-11 years old) in various different schools mainly on a supply basis.

My overseas experience includes: Denmark where I observed different Danish schools I worked with children 7-17 years old to help them improve their English skills and took part in discussions with them. I gained some valuable experience working in summer camp in the USA through the Camp America cultural exchange program. This was both a challenging and rewarding experience where I worked with children and adults with severe and complex special needs. I value all of my experiences and feel it has helped make me a tolerant and adaptable person, I really thank myself lucky for all I have.



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